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    March 13-26th, 2015 at Glendale Americana Pacific Theatres

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    When Facing The Enemy Is The Only Way To Redemption

    March 13-26th 2015 at Pacific Theatres

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An unexpected event unravels as a group of Iranian intelligence officers raid Dr. Dariush's home, where hundreds of bibles and Christian resources are exposed. Following the discovery, Dr. Dariush is immediately murdered in cold blood. Cyrus, the doctor's son, who witnesses his father's cruel death, is forever changed as a result of his father's murder. Filled with resentment and bitterness, he is unable to cope with the past and push forward. At the turn of events, Cyrus finds himself face to face with his father's killer, now leaving him with a unique opportunity to seek vengeance or redemption.


Theatrical Release

March 13th-26th, 2015
Pacific Theatres Glendale 18
322 Americana Way Glendale, CA 91210
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Closure is a film inspired by true stories of Iranian Christian martyrs. The loss of a family member, desire for revenge, and struggle to forgive is not a foreign concept to the director of "Closure" Joseph Hovsepian and lead actor Andre Hovsepian, as they had to confront their own father's brutal death by extremist groups in Iran in 1994. "Closure" is a story of discovering redemption in the midst of struggle, and is based on recent events taking place in Iran.

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Written & Directed by: Joseph Hovsepian, Producer: JFA Productions, LLC
Executive Producers: Voice of the Martyrs Canada, Hovsepian Ministries, Inc.




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